Dealing with EMI

One issue you can run into when managing a large network is that some network segments can lose performance due to EMI (electromagnetic interference).

I deal with intermittent EMI issues with the network segments that run adjacent to one of the research labs we have. The problem is that the guys in the lab are so paranoid that I never know when they will be generating huge amounts of EMI nor what they do that causes it.

Me: "So, any idea why I would be getting serious EMI in this area two hours ago?"

Spook With a Shit-Eating Grin: "I can't tell you."

Me: "Right."

It gets really tempting to 'accidentally' invalidate ID cards when you have to deal with this garbage...

Anyway, time to upgrade a segment to fibre.



Well, I'm back at the island after having to fly home for some family matters (having use of the organization's jets is a benefit of my position). All in all things went well, but I can tell you that mothers can be a real issue if you want to maintain her image of you.

So we're sitting at dinner when she starts asking her questions again:

'So where do you work?'

'I told you mom, in California.'

'No I mean for what company?'

'I told you that too mom, Live Corporation.' - Too obvious? Naa, I don't think so.

'You're not making pornography for the Internet are you?'

'Oh I wish.'


'No mom, I am not making pornography for the internet.'

'Ok good, that Internet is an evil thing, I heard so from Maybel...'

And so it goes, every.single.time.


Still Alive

Busy lately, but I thought I would let everyone know that the no-good do-gooders haven't got me yet.

Oh, and we have our second Starbucks.

Damn but those VietKong make good coffee.