Well, I'm back at the island after having to fly home for some family matters (having use of the organization's jets is a benefit of my position). All in all things went well, but I can tell you that mothers can be a real issue if you want to maintain her image of you.

So we're sitting at dinner when she starts asking her questions again:

'So where do you work?'

'I told you mom, in California.'

'No I mean for what company?'

'I told you that too mom, Live Corporation.' - Too obvious? Naa, I don't think so.

'You're not making pornography for the Internet are you?'

'Oh I wish.'


'No mom, I am not making pornography for the internet.'

'Ok good, that Internet is an evil thing, I heard so from Maybel...'

And so it goes, every.single.time.


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