And There She Was...

So things had been going well, the first servers are online in the new datacenter, the upgraded door security systems are working, and I find myself sitting in on roundtable meetings with the boss and other top-levels. I think I am hitting my stride around here.

So this morning I am sitting in a roundtable meeting when the boss introduces our new head of security. In walk what I swear has to be the hottest woman I have ever met, Katiana Kalashnikov. She's tall, dark-haired, and drop-dead gorgeous. From the boss's description of her credentials, she's made many drop dead.

So we go around the table, doing our introductions, and man does she have a great accent going, works well with the black leather that she wears like a glove. Anyway it looks like we'll have some great eye-candy at the meetings, even if there is no way you'd ever hit on a infamous assassin who can kill you five ways to Wednesday if you cross her.

Now here's where it gets interesting: after the meeting she walks up to me.

'You are geek boy, no?' Oh man I love the accent.

'I suppose I am...'

'You play the shooting games? Is it true they teach you to be crazed killer?'

Now I almost start into a knee-jerk rant on how the media blows these things totally out of proportion, how the examples they cite involve subjects who were already unstable and how in reality such games are great stress relievers and can hardly be called damaging to a responsible person. I say almost because before I started ranting I noticed that she didn't seem to think it was a bad thing.

'Well, there are those who think so, yes.'

'Good, you show me these games?' Oh thank you gaming gods.

'Sure, I... I have a big screen TV and an Xbox360 up in my suite...'

And then the gaming gods proved they have a wicked sense of humor as alarm bells went off. The display nearby showed an intrusion detected in sector six, and before I would finish my sentence Katiana was off.

If I find out who tripped the alarm, they're dead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one, keep 'em coming :-)


3:34 PM, March 22, 2006  

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